Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Environment Section – Waste Management and Recycling, Air 7-9 April 2020, IEC, Sofia

As part of seeSUSTAINtec (Exhibition and Sustainable Technology Forum), the Ecology section introduces new solutions and technologies in two areas – Waste and recycling (Save the Planet) and Clean Air. The need for investment and the social importance of these areas also predetermine greater economic activity. The event creates the best platform for finding new clients and partners, for sharing experience between businesses, representatives of municipalities and public administration.

Solutions and technologies create opportunities for turning waste into a future resource and improving air quality

The impact of the increasing amount of waste and air pollution in environmental and economic terms requires a change in the way of production, consumption, resource management and daily activities. The Circular Economy offers an alternative model by "closing the cycle," in which the usefulness of products and materials is extended as much as possible, with waste being minimized or even eliminated.

Statistics from 2019

*Summarized data from Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities and Waste Management & Recycling*


Visitors from 11 countries

Visitors job position

Manager - 50%
Marketing, Sales - 36%
Expert, Consultant - 14%


From 11 countries

Visitors by geographic distribution

Bulgaria - 79%
International - 21%


from 13 countries.

Visitors by company activity

Manufacture - 48%
Services - 41%
Trade - 11%

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