Accidents Avoidance
Accidents Avoidance <br/>2022

About the practical application of the concept ‘Accidents Avoidance through Reliability + Maintenance = Functionability’

Interview with Dr. Jezdimir Knezevic, MIRCE Akademy regarding his participation in the Conference “NO accidents”

How could your concept ‘Accidents Avoidance through Reliability + Maintenance = Functionability’ be put into practice and what resources does it require (technological, financial and organizational)?

The MIRCE Science approach is a profound change in the way the reliability and maintenance activities are viewed. Although, both are well-recognised disciplines in their own rights, until now, there was no a body of knowledge for predicting their combined impact on accidents occurrences during in-service life. Hence, successful implementation requires the organisational mind change, which does not require vast technological and financial investments.  

What are the direct benefits and what kind of damages could be avoided through it?

Ability to predict the “future” reality of functional systems, at the design/construction stage, provides opportunities to decision maker to make all necessary changes for accidents avoidance, at no extra cost or time, and potentially save costly and dangerous in-service accidence and their consequences.

In which industrial sectors the concept can be applied?

The MIRCE Science is a generic body of knowledge potentially applicable to all sectors. It is much more used in industrial sectors where the consequences of occurrences of accidence are catastrophic for operator, environment or society, namely aerospace, military, nuclear power, petrochemical, mining, railway, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing and many others.

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