Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018

Welcome Messages & Testimonials in the exhibition

Welcome Messages & Testimonials

„I am happy to welcome the organizers and delegates at this year's International Forum. The topics that will be addressed within the event concern some of the main challenges that stand in front of our country.
I believe the event will help to build a strategic framework and consensus for the development of the relevant sectors, as well as promoting the measures already taken.”  Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria

„I welcome the pursuit of the 6th edition of Save the Planet with the participation of international experts, providing the potential for introduction of new models and innovative solutions in the field of construction and demolition waste management and recycling of plastics, as well as the basic steps towards the development of a circular economy. Over the last 5 years, Bulgaria marked a substantial progress in the waste management and recycling sector.”  Ivelina Vassileva, Minister of Environment and Water

„I am glad to welcome the participants and the organizers of the 11th Energy Efficiency & Renewables Forum. Energy efficiency is a key priority of the Bulgarian Government – now we are implementing the National Program for Energy Efficiency of multi-family residential buildings, which is run throughout the country, covering more than 1.3 million households.”  Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works

„For a country like Bulgaria, which relies heavily on the import of energy resources, and has yet to make major steps in the process of diversification and development of local energy resources, energy efficiency is an integral part of the national security. I am confident that, thanks to the high activity among local authorities, dozens of Bulgarian cities will use the additional opportunity to improve their energy performance.”  Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy

„The Exhibition was very helpful to demonstrate the sustainable energy landscape in South-East Europe and visitors have appreciated it. We would be happy to cooperate in 2016.”  Kristina Dely, Covenant of Mayors, Belgium

„The event is getting better and better – congrats on this! We would be happy to do another session next year.”  Silke Schlinnertz, Euroheat & Power, Belgium

„Most of our exhibitors at the Austrian Pavilion are satisfied. The companies which intend to develop their business in Bulgaria hope that the country will make steps forward in the new period of EU funding and invest more in fields like environment technologies, waste management, smart cities, etc. No doubt, such event is necessary and also has an influence on the market.”  Ivo Duerr, International Messe Agentur, Austria

„I congratulate you for the wonderful work and excellent results of the SEE Eco Forum and Exhibitions!”  Radu Moldovan, Embassy of Romania in Sofia, Bulgaria

„The Bulgarian market is constantly evolving and challenging. The Smart Cities Conference and Exhibition gave an opportunity for discussion, interactivity and networking between participants and potential future partners encouraging international business and cooperation.”  Ralph Gambetta, Calypso Networks Association, Belgium

„The organization was superb up to the smallest detail. I feel that Israeli companies can find this event a useful platform to showcase their capabilities and innovation in the areas covering sustainable development in all aspects.” 
„There are many opportunities for collaboration with Bulgarian cities and potential partners. We made many contacts during our stay at the Exhibition and Conference, and it seems a really interesting potential market.”  Miguel Ángel García, CARTIF, Spain

„The event is extremely beneficial to government officials! They can not only meet and share new achievements and good practices, but can also get acquainted with many novelties which can be put into practice, to optimize processes and realize new policies.”  Nikolay Sidjimov, Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts

„We are satisfied from our participation in the Exhibition in Sofia. We have established some very good contacts.”  Laura Quarteroni, Molinari, Italy

„I believe this platform is extremely effective and beneficial for Bulgaria. Highly appreciate the participation of

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