Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018

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  • Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities and Smart Buildings

               o Passive House                                                
               o Building IT Management Systems
               o Building Information Modeling
               o Smart Lighting, Heating and Cooling
               o Smart Home Appliances 

  • Sustainable City Mobility

               o Smart Transport Networks & Smart Public Transport
               o Trade and Logistic ICT Applications for Lower Energy Consumption  

  • Information and Communication  Technologies (ICT) for Smart Cities

               o City in the Cloud
               o Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
               o ICTs for social services, e-government, e-education
               o Cities Information Platforms
               o Internet of Things (IoT)
               o Machine to Machine (M2M)

  • Smart Energy

               o Smart Grids, Energy Management
               o Energy Storage

  • Sustainable City Environment

               o Smart Urban Planning
               o Recourse Management and Waste Management

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