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Date: 5-7 April 2016
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 7th edition
Organizer: Via Expo
Venue: Sofia, Inter Expo Center
Working hours for visitors: 5 - 6 April: 10.00 - 18.00 h.; 7 April: 10.00 - 17.00 h.

Save the Planet is the only specialized business event in Bulgaria dedicated to waste management, following the trend of replacing the ‘take, make, dispose' model with a ‘circular economy’ approach across Europe. The exhibition’s focus is the South-East European market, which must respond timely to the growing environmental damage.

EU members from SE Europe have to recycle 70% of their construction waste, 50% of the municipal waste and 35% of biodegradable waste till 2020. They are facing numerous challenges to improve their resource efficiency and to achieve the high European waste management targets.

The 2016 Edition at a Glance

  • Till the present leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland have confirmed their participation. Finding distributors and launching new products are among the main reasons for them to be part of the event.
  • Exhibitors will present solutions covering the whole process of waste management: treatment, transport, collection, disposal, recovery and recycling.
  • Austrian Pavilion
  • Italian Group Participation

Save the Planet 2015

  • Once again Austria was a supporting country due to its remarkable achievements. They were demonstrated at the traditional Austrian Pavilion, the realization of which was supported by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Sofia
  • The exhibition featured a strong international presence - 71% of the participants were from abroad. Direct exhibitors from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland showcased their latest solutions.
  • A new highlight during 2015 was the Italian Participation.
  • Save the Planet and the parallel events attracted visitors from 37 countries – 22% from them were from abroad.

Post Event Report 2015



Anelia Karanova: +359 32/512899, 32/393958, nelly@viaexpo.com



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Recycling of typical supercapacitor materials

A simple, facile and low-cost method for recycling of supercapacitor materials is proposed. This process aims to recover some fundamental components of a used supercapacitor, namely the electrolyte salt tetraethyl ammonium tetrafluoroborate (TEABF4) dissolved in an aprotic organic solvent such as acetonitrile (ACN), the carbonaceous material (activated charcoal, carbon nanotubes) purified, the current collector (aluminium foil) and the separator (paper) for further utilization...
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Anaerobic co-digestion plants for the revaluation of agricultural waste: Sustainable location sites from a GIS analysis

The aim of this study was to establish sustainably feasible areas for the implementation of anaerobic co-digestion plants for agricultural wastes (cattle/swine slurries and cereal crop wastes). The methodology was based on the use of geographic information systems (GIS), the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and map algebra generated from hedges related to environmental, social and economic constraints...
09/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Landfill mining: Development of a cost simulation model

Landfill mining permits recovering secondary raw materials from landfills. Whether this purpose is economically feasible, however, is a matter of various aspects. One is the amount of recoverable secondary raw material (like metals) that can be exploited with a profit...
08/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Smart Meters, China Wind, Renewables in Massachusetts, Building Workshops

Subtitle:  A roundup of recent developments in green building Images: read more
05/02/16|03:49 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

The effect of temperature on the biodegradation properties of municipal solid waste

The aim of this study is to analyse the effect of temperature on the biodegradation and settlement properties of municipal solid waste by using bioreactors. Three kinds of controlled temperature were performed during the biodegradation test; the variation of weight, leachate and biogas production were carefully monitored...
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Solid recovered fuels in the cement industry - semi-automated sample preparation unit as a means for facilitated practical application

One of the challenges for the cement industry is the quality assurance of alternative fuel (e.g. solid recovered fuel, SRF) in co-incineration plants – especially for inhomogeneous alternative fuels with large particle sizes (d95>=100 mm), which will gain even more importance in the substitution of conventional fuels due to low production costs...
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Phyto-enhanced remediation of soil co-contaminated with lead and diesel fuel using biowaste and Dracaena reflexa: A laboratory study

In phytoremediation of co-contaminated soil, the simultaneous and efficient remediation of multiple pollutants is a major challenge rather than the removal of pollutants. A laboratory-scale experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of 5% addition of each of three different organic waste amendments (tea leaves, soy cake, and potato skin) to enhance the phytoaccumulation of lead (60 mg kg-1) and diesel fuel (25,000 mg kg-1) in co-contaminated soil by Dracaena reflexa Lam for a period of 180 day...
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Photovoltaic solar panels of crystalline silicon: Characterization and separation

Photovoltaic panels have a limited lifespan and estimates show large amounts of solar modules will be discarded as electronic waste in a near future. In order to retrieve important raw materials, reduce production costs and environmental impacts, recycling such devices is important...
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Implementation of a multi-variable regression analysis in the assessment of the generation rate and composition of hospital solid waste for the design of a sustainable management system in developing countries

Forecasting of hospital solid waste generation is a critical challenge for future planning. The composition and generation rate of hospital solid waste in hospital units was the field where the proposed methodology of the present article was applied in order to validate the results and secure the outcomes of the management plan in national hospitals...
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Eco-friendly porous concrete using bottom ash aggregate for marine ranch application

This article presents the test results of an investigation carried out on the reuse of coal bottom ash aggregate as a substitute material for coarse aggregate in porous concrete production for marine ranch applications. The experimental parameters were the rate of bottom ash aggregate substitution (30%, 50% and 100%) and the target void ratio (15%, 20% and 25%)...
03/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Seismic characterization and dynamic site response of a municipal solid waste landfill in Bangalore, India

Seismic design of landfills requires an understanding of the dynamic properties of municipal solid waste (MSW) and the dynamic site response of landfill waste during seismic events. The dynamic response of the Mavallipura landfill situated in Bangalore, India, is investigated using field measurements, laboratory studies and recorded ground motions from the intraplate region...
03/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Biochemical methane potential, biodegradability, alkali treatment and influence of chemical composition on methane yield of yard wastes

In this study, the biochemical CH4 potential, rate, biodegradability, NaOH treatment and the influence of chemical composition on CH4 yield of yard wastes generated from seven trees were examined. All the plant parts were sampled for their chemical composition and subjected to the biochemical CH4 potential assay...
03/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Immobilization of trace elements in municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) fly ash by producing calcium sulphoaluminate cement after carbonation and washing

The possibility of producing calcium sulphoaluminate cement (CSA) by adding municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) fly ash to raw meal was investigated. After subjecting MSWI fly ash to accelerated carbonation and washing with water (ACW), various amounts (i...
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The future of recycling in the United States

03/02/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Energy recovery from organic fractions of municipal solid waste: A case study of Hyderabad city, Pakistan

Non-renewable energy sources have remained the choice of the world for centuries. Rapid growth in population and industrialisation have caused their shortage and environmental degradation by using them. Thus, at the present rate of consumption, they will not last very long...
29/01/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

EU grants 4,825 mln euro to Croatia's Plinacro for gas interconnector with Slovenia

Croatian state-owned gas transmission system operator Plinacro will get 4,825 million euro ($5,274...
26/01/16|04:03 -- enercee.net


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