Smart Cities International Exhibition

Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency.
Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.  Today's cities are under stress. The ongoing technologies and the advanced experience can transform them into more resilient systems in terms of energy, mobility and transport, buildings, infrastructure and resource efficiency.
Smart Cities is one of the business-oriented events in South-East Europe combining conference and exhibition in its format.  
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Via Expo - Your Business Development Partner at the Balkans


In the digital age events remain the most powerful marketing tools for direct business. Via Expo is an organizer of high-level specialized international exhibitions and conferences in key industry fields in Sofia, Bulgaria. They facilitate and accelerate the entering of new products and technologies into the South-East European market by linking it with international know-how. Attention to detail, comprehensive promotion, young and creative team - all these bring participants and visitors the desired result - more valued contacts, more new clients, more fresh market ideas.

We work in the following sectors: energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, recycling, environment, elevators & escalators, organic products, gifts, packaging and food.  Last years we added to our branch events such topics as  intelligent buildings, smart cities and ICT. Our 20 years experience allows us to develop constantly new concepts and keep pace with latest trends.

Via Expo is the first event organizer in Bulgaria which in 1994 began to make computer visitor registration and statistics of visitor profile. We cooperate closely with a great number of prestigious media, industry chambers, branch associations, trade and commercial sections and fair organizers from Europe, Asia and North America.

As additional services we offer to our clients:

  • Organization of business-to-business matchmaking meetings
  • Stand construction
  • Furniture rental
  • Various advertising opportunities
  • Hotel Accommodation



Via Expo is a Member of:

Bulgarian Association of Recycling

Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

Bulgarian- Swiss Chamber of Commerce

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Solar Access on the Florida Ballot
Subtitle:  Solar advocates say that a utility-backed ballot measure is designed to deceive voters into thinking they will have more solar options Images: Solar advocates in Florida say that they have proof that electric utilities are attempting to trick voters into supporting a ballot initiative that appears to broaden their access to solar energy but in fact will do just the opposite...
26/10/16|12:33 --
NESEA Will Hold a Conference in New York City
Subtitle:  The BuildingEnergy NYC conference will focus in part on ways to reduce carbon emissions by buildings Images: The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEANorth East Sustainable Energy Association...
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What the Pact on HFCs Will Mean for Builders
Subtitle:  The phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons will usher in new versions of foam insulation and updated air conditioners and heat pumps — but not in the immediate future Images: The agreement earlier this month among 170 countries to phase in strict limits on the use of a common type of refrigerant will mean changes to many products used by residential builders, including foam insulation and heating and cooling equipment, but consumers probably won't be seeing wholesale changes for a number of years...
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Ventilation Failures and Vocabulary Lessons
Prime:  prime Subtitle:  A report from the recent EEBA conference in Texas Images: During the last week of September, I attended the annual conference sponsored by the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA)...
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Latest News Fot Waste Management, Recycling & Environment

Evaluation of the suitability and performance of cassava waste (peel) extracts in a microbial fuel cell for supplementary and sustainable energy production
In a number of energy-poor nations, peel from cassava processing represents one of the most abundant sources of lignocellulosic biomass. This peel is mostly discarded indiscriminately and eventually constitutes a problem to the environment. However, energy can be extracted from this peel in a microbial fuel cell...
25/10/16|01:46 --
Material recycling of post-consumer polyolefin bulk plastics: Influences on waste sorting and treatment processes in consideration of product qualities achievable
Material recycling of post-consumer bulk plastics made up of polyolefins is well developed. In this article, it is examined which effects on waste sorting and treatment processes influence the qualities of polyolefin-recyclats. It is shown that the properties and their changes during the product life-cycle of a polyolefin are defined by its way of polymerisation, its nature as a thermoplast, additives, other compound and composite materials, but also by the mechanical treatments during the production, its use where contact to foreign materials is possible and the waste sorting and treatment processes...
21/10/16|01:46 --
Spatial and temporal dynamics of agricultural residue resources in the last 30 years in China
The availability and distribution of biomass resources are important for the development of the bioenergy industry in a region. Biomass resources are abundant in China; however, the raw material is severely deficient, which makes the Chinese bioenergy industry an embarrassment and a contradiction...
21/10/16|01:46 --
Application of stability indicators for the assessment of the degradation of residual household waste before landfilling
In France, domestic waste production is estimated at c. 350 kg year–1 per person and landfilling still represents a predominant way of municipal solid waste management, with 39% of waste dumped in 2007. Waste characterization campaigns were conducted at different stages of a mechanical–biological treatment process in order to evaluate its efficiency...
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UK Government Names Clean Energy Cabinet Members
With the UK general election now over and a majority Conservative Party government in place, the re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron has now named key members of the government charged with steering the UK’s clean energy policy over the coming years.
14/05/15|10:07 --
Solar Market Suffering in Brazil
The Brazilian real has declined 17 percent since Oct. 31, when more than a gigawatt of solar farms won contracts in the country’s first-ever national solar auction and with the slumping currency driving up import prices, developers are holding off on signing supply deals for PV panels...
14/05/15|05:53 --
Coast to Coast and Across Electric Systems, Microgrids Provide Benefits to All
At the most obvious level, microgrids could disrupt today’s utilities and their regulated-monopoly business model, because they challenge the centralized paradigm. In a nutshell, microgrids are localized power grids that have the ability to disconnect from the main, centralized grid to operate independently when the main power grid experiences disturbances...
14/05/15|05:05 --
Listen Up: How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?
For a homeowner, it’s a simple question. But in order to answer the question accurately, solar installers need to make a number of assumptions — as well as gather some pretty detailed information from a homeowner. Often, by the time these data gathering questions are answered, the homeowner is even more confused.
14/05/15|02:38 --

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Miguel Indurain defends Bradley Wiggins over TUE controversy
The five-time Tour de France winner says Wiggins has "no reason to justify himself" over the furoreindurain congratulating present Hour Record holder Sir Bradley Wiggins. Photo: Graham Watson Five-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain says Bradley Wiggins has "no reason to justify himself" over the furore
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Tom Stewart moves up to Pro-Continental level with One Pro Cycling
The Yorkshireman was the strongest rider in the domestic scene in 2016 and he has been awarded with a move to One Pro Cycling.Tom Stewart and Russell Downing sprint for the win, Lincoln Grand Prix 2016One Pro Cycling have confirmed that they have signed Tom Stewart from Madison-Genesis...
26/10/16|08:00 --
RTTC National Hill-Climb Championships 2016: Who will win?
We pick out the leading contenders in the men's and women's categories at this Sunday's (October 30) RTTC National Hill-Climb Championships 2016.Joe Clark is on winning form. Photo: Andy Jones An autumn of hill-climbing comes to a climax this weekend, with the National Championships taking place on Bank Road, in …Continue reading »
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Halifax dropped as stage hosts of 2017 Tour de Yorkshire
The West Yorkshire town was announced as a stage host in 2015, but it was dropped when the 2017 stage towns were officially unveiled Climbing out of Halifax on Trooper LaneThe West Yorkshire town was announced as a stage host in 2015, but it was dropped when the 2017 stage towns were officially unveiled
26/10/16|05:11 --